ice deposit

ice deposit

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  • Ice — This article is about water ice. For the broader concept of ices as used in the planetary sciences, see volatiles. For other uses, see Ice (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • deposit — [dē päz′it, dipäz′it] vt. [< L depositus, pp. of deponere, to put down < de , down + ponere, to put: see POSITION] 1. to place or entrust for safekeeping 2. to put (money) in a bank, as for safekeeping or to earn interest 3. to put down as… …   English World dictionary

  • ice in lakes and rivers — Introduction       a sheet or stretch of ice forming on the surface of lakes and rivers when the temperature drops below freezing (0° C [32° F]). The nature of the ice formations may be as simple as a floating layer that gradually thickens, or it …   Universalium

  • Port Deposit, Maryland — Infobox Settlement official name = Port Deposit, Maryland settlement type = Town nickname = motto = imagesize = image caption = image imagesize = image caption = image mapsize = 250x200px map caption = Location of Port Deposit, Maryland mapsize1 …   Wikipedia

  • varved deposit — Any form of repetitive sedimentary rock stratification that was deposited within a year. This annual deposit usually consists of paired contrasting layers (varves) of alternately finer (darker) and coarser (lighter) silt or clay, reflecting… …   Universalium

  • Norway women's national under-18 ice hockey team — Norway Association Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation General Manager Kjell Andre Brattland Head coach …   Wikipedia

  • glaciomarine deposit —    Glacially eroded, terrestrially derived sediments (clay, silt, sand, and gravel) that accumulated on the ocean floor. Sediments may be accumulated as an ice contact deposit, by fluvial transport, ice rafting, or eolian transport.    GG & GM …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

  • rime ice — A type of icing that can be called a freezing fog. It forms as a thick, frosty deposit when objects with subfreezing temperatures encounter a fog. In such a case, the minute fog droplets freeze and adhere to the cold surface. It can also occur… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Stream ice — Stream Stream (str[=e]m), n. [AS. stre[ a]m; akin to OFries. str[=a]m, OS. str[=o]m, D. stroom, G. strom, OHG. stroum, str[=u]m, Dan. & Sw. str[ o]m, Icel. straumr, Ir. sroth, Lith. srove, Russ. struia, Gr. ry sis a flowing, rei^n to flow, Skr.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • glaciofluvial deposit —    Material moved by glaciers and subsequently sorted and deposited by streams flowing from the melting ice. The deposits are stratified and may occur in the form of outwash plains, valley trains, deltas, kames, eskers, and kame terraces.… …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

  • glaciolacustrine deposit —    Material ranging from fine clay to sand derived from glaciers and deposited in glacial lakes by water originating mainly from the melting of glacial ice. Many are bedded or laminated with varves or rhythmites.    HP …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

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